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How to recover my favorites bar

So you lost your Favorites toolbar ...

and not a clue what to do next? Losing your favorites list can turn out to be an extremely frustrating incident. Whether you've lost your favorite list of website addresses in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, we have answers.

To recover the lost favorites lists ...

  1. you should1st check your Recycle Bin to see if it was accidentally deleted

  2. attempt torestore it from a backup in case one exists

  3. or you may be forced todig around your file system in search of an accidentally moved file

On this reference tutorial site, we shall guide you through each of these options for Favorites toolbar/bookmarks bar/favorites list recovery.

If you can't still find your missing My Favorites toolbar after trying our instructions , you may have no other choice than to try data recovery tools, recreate it from scratch or seek help from a tech expert who can remote-in to your computer. However, it is key to note that recovery of my favorites toolbar should, I would estimate 99% of the time not be very difficult.

Favorites from which browser or program ...

It all depends on which program is missing the bookmarks bar, favorites bar, favorites toolbar and potentially which operating system you are using.

For instance, Internet Explorer stores the actual list of favorite websites in a folder stored on the hard disk of your computer. In case this file goes missing or it happens to be deleted, then the browser will not display the favorites. Moreover, the windows OS has a separate type of My Favorites Toolbar that's actually unrelated to internet browsing. Who know why it was designed this way, but it can be assumed that they may have been attempting to make better use of available screen-space.

Bringing back those favorites bookmarks is simple with the right instructions ...

It's not easy for users to realize that the missing favorites toolbar is just a click or two away and that is what we are about to unfold. To see specific instructions on how to recover your favorites toolbar please click on your browser out of these 3 choices:

Favorites toolbar missing? or just can't find your favorites bar?

My-favorites-list.com My favorites list disappeared?

myfavoritestoolbar.net Help restore my favorites toolbar

how to copy favorites so you have a backup plan

Favorites list has disappeared?

Check out thehardwaresecrets.com tutorial on getting favorites back.





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