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I am a novice. Recently I bought a small laptop to access my email (Outlook Express)(Windows XP) when away from home. I think I successfully copied to a flash drive. Also I would like to use a flash drive to copy Favorites from my HP Desktop to my little laptop. Please tell me in detail as I am a novice. Thanks.


Congratulations on your new laptop. You'll probably find it very convenient and may start neglecting your trusty desktop. Transferring your files is a great idea, but unfortunately, Outlook Express doesn't provide a very easy way of doing that. Not to worry, there are ways to copy files to your USB as you have been doing and some techs have come up with software that makes that transfer even easier.

Transfer Mail and Favorites

The only thing you have to really know in order to transfer files to your USB is where the files are located. You may already know how to do this, but I'm going to lay it out anyway:

Go to Start and then My Computer.
Choose the C: drive and scroll down to choose Documents and Settings.
Click on the folder that has your name on it. In this folder, you will see the subfolder called Favorites. Right click on it with your mouse. Choose Copy. Minimize that window and then find a blank spot on your desktop. Right click on your mouse and choose Paste. You will then see an icon for Favorites that you can copy easily to your USB flash drive.
The process is the same for your mail folders. When you are in your folder, choose Application Data and then Microsoft. Click on that and you will see the address book. Save this folder to your desktop in the same way you did for your Favorites.
Backup Software

If you want both your laptop and desktop to be more in synch, you can try one of a number of software programs that have been designed to do just that. These make it easy to transfer everything from Outlook Express including your favorites, address book, settings and signatures. You install the program on both computers and you will be able to back everything up into one file. Two to try are NSoftware Auto Outlook Express backup and Easy Backup for Outlook Express. Most programs have a 30-day trial period before you have to pay for it, which average about $30. You can Google ‘Outlook Express Backup Software' to find other examples that you can choose from.

Run Antivirus Programs

Although most software that is available for download is free from malware, you want to make sure that you are running a quality antivirus program before you bring things onto your computer. It is also a good idea to set a System Restore point on both computers in case anything goes wrong. This is like a picture of your computer, so that if you have problems you basically can go back in time to this point. Most newer systems do this automatically, but it doesn't hurt to check. Do this by clicking on Start and then Programs and choosing Accessories. Open System Tools. Choose Start System Restore and then pick the option for Setting a System Restore Point. Click Next. It will then ask you to name the restore point - you will choose the day before you install any new programs. Click Next. You can name the restore point for easy reference if you want. Click Create and then choose Close.

Hopefully this will help you do the transfers the easy way. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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